Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

“Patients are extremely happy and eager to check themselves in and avoid waiting in line for a person to help them. It has greatly helped taking workload off the clerks and given them more time to concentrate on other tasks that improve our work flow.“

Front Desk Manager, Women’s Health Advantage


“Staff immediately recognized how uSign makes our life easier. We caught on so quickly, and so did the patients. It is efficient and paperless, so we are buying less paper now and reducing staff tasks of scanning and saving… over the months this adds up to real money! “

CEOPotomac Physician Associates


“Within four months of implementation, we were able to eliminate an FTE at the front desk!”

– Front Desk Manager, Family Medicine of South Bend

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“Our kiosks paid for themselves in just a few months by reducing staff time and increasing patient satisfaction. OTech has a wonderful product and exceptional support!”

CIO, American Health Network


“The kiosk allows our staff to dedicate more time to the patients who have questions and deserve personal attention.”

Lead TrainerProliance Surgeons


“Before the kiosk, there were times when we had long check-in lines that held up our nurses and doctors, causing schedules to run behind. Within 3 months, the kiosk was checking in 80% of our patients. This time savings allowed the front desk staff to spend quality time with patients at check-out. What a great investment, well worth the money spent.”

Practice Administrator, Women’s Health Center of Lebanon


“It only takes 60.7 seconds to check-in at our kiosk system. It’s longer than that with a registration clerk! It’s more efficient for the student as well as the staff.” 

– Source, Iowa State University

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“OTech is an outstanding company. The support is amazing. The product is reliable and writes into our database with no issues. OTech deserves a High 5!”

EHR Systems Administrator, CommuniCare Health Centers

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“No added responsibly for a staff member to manage and hand-out hardware!”

Operations Manager, Doctors May Grant


“I wanted to let you know that I’m very appreciative of your commitment to El Rio and helping us create the vision we have around using your system and your strong promise to deliver! Thank you and I look forward to this system continuing to grow with our vision!”

CEOEl Rio Community Health Center

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“Patients love the kiosk. We heard from some other practices with a large geriatric population that they are hesitant to get a kiosk. We think this is the ideal population to use a kiosk. They rarely change address, their insurance stays the same and they pay their bills on time. For them, checking in is quick and simple!

When we got the kiosk, we had three providers and one receptionist. Now we have seven providers and still only one receptionist because the kiosk can handle that large patient volume increase. There is never a backup at the front window because most patients check‐in with the kiosk. It is efficient, user friendly and fits well into the flow of our office.”

Administrator, Charleston Internal Medicine

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